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Go check out the ScrapMatters blog today…I wrote today’s entry and I think it is really important info for scrapbookers.  Sometimes we need the reality check of why we are doing it in the first place.  I love the creative part and that really is a huge portion of why I scrap too.  But, ultimately for me it is the story.  I see so many layouts that are creative and artistic and technical, but lack the story. Now if art is your reason for scrapping and you do it to fufill your own creative needs rather than leave your family legacy for your kids or future generations, then disregard my comments and scrap away!

I have seen so many extracted, shadowed, fairy girls with glitter swirls and surreal backgrounds dancing around the page with their quadruplet or septuplet siblings…LOL.  These are stunning and beautiful, but what does that say??? It says mom is a talented scrapper!

Will it be as sentimental to someone in 30 years?  Will anyone know who the cutie pie even was?  Now was that Sara or Susie?  (disclaimer…I am exaggerating and I DO appreciate these LOs for the art, but they do not fit meet my goal for why I scrapbook. Certainly we all have our own reasons we create!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen amazing storytelling in some very technical work… take for example Julie’s (greenpalm) LO “True Companions”  and her LO Beckoned (which is out for publication here).  WOW!! What talent!  Don’t forget the story:)

On a lighter note, Chrissy W’s taking part in the Elemental Scraps Dollar Deals – TODAY only 8/25 with four items that are $1 each…2 items are template packs!

Also there is a ScrapMatters Speed Scrap coming tomorrow!

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Hope you can all make it. As always you will get a new instruction every 10 minutes for the first hour and then have an hour to complete and upload your LO. You receive a lovely gift just for playing by ELLIE LASH!!!