Life has been…busy beyond belief.  My husband and I are buying a business, which takes far more time than buying a house AND moving put together.  I’ve been working more because one of the doctors was on maternity leave…thank goodness she returned this last week part-time.  School starting is always a busy time.  I had the bright idea to change the incentive program for our Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education drive to be classroom based rather than individual based…so the kids work toward common goals as classrooms with incentives like an extra recess.  I think in the long run it fits with the mission of the school better and helps the kids get more excited about it.  I was discouraged to hear some of the homeroom parents don’t even clip them from the products they buy…hello?  We’ve received $7970 since 2002 AND it does not cost the parents a thing unlike selling wrapping paper or cookie dough.  I just spent over $70 (between the two kids) on Sallie Foster stuff I did not *really* need. SO when someone said maybe we should skip Box Tops since it takes so much time for “only about $1000” it ticked me off.  First off it is nearly $2000.  Second of all the $5000 raised by the Sallie Foster sale means parents and families spend $10,000 to achieve that.  Frankly I will not let my kids approach neighbors or extended family because they don’t really want it and/or their kids are selling it too!

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