Toward the end of last week I got a PM from one of my long time favorite designers, Leora Sanford, asking ME if I’d consider being on her CT!  She linked her store (as if I would not know her designs or that she sells at Little Dreamer Designs). HA!  I love that she asked me (I feel so flattered) AND I love that she is still so humble as to think I may not be interested!  OK maybe someone is overcommitted and can’t, but not interested? Please!

Then over the course of the weekend, the welcome e-mails began and I saw who else was on this new CT.  Whoa, I am really taken back by the amazing talent and familiar names included.  Check this out!


EEK! Unbelievable! Oh and don’t forget to check out her blog Dec 1…she is starting a daily giveaway and inspiration posting through Christmas.