So excited:)  Just got word that my layout was picked and highlighted on today’s Story Board at Log Your Memory.

Here is my layout – linked for credits.  I did it showing Cindy Schneider’s template set Cindy’s Layered Templates – Set #74 in use. Cindy’s templates always help me make layouts I’m pleased with…

After 6 winters…My List Reads:
1- It’s great to have kids big enough to help shovel!
2 – Sometimes trash barrels get buried
3 – If you don’t dig out your mailbox, you don’t get any mail
4 – School does not generally get cancelled for snow if you live in town. Ice however is another story!
5 – A 4” snow prediction could mean anywhere from none to 18” depending…
6 – Harder to shovel if you drive on it 1st
7- 50 degree days in October feel a lot colder than they do in March
8 – Don’t go buy groceries if they expect snow – the lines will be killer!
9 – 4-wheel drive is not a scam…
10 – Sometimes snow boots are really a necessity – even they look funny with what you have on!