This summer has been a whirlwind!  Right after school got out, AJ and I left for summer camp (me as the camp nurse).  Poor Sydney did not come since she had a cast on her arm still and it would have been a drag to miss out on so many activities.  It was fantastic, but I’ve never worked harder than those 2 weeks.  Literally I slept about 4 hrs a night for the first week!  Between getting organized, storms, sick/injured kiddos, did I say storms?…  When we got home I had just under two weeks to get them both ready for their Grandparent TOUR of California.  Sydney thankfully got her cast off before leaving!  Now they are hopping between grandparents and other friends/family in Cali until Aug 3, and my DH and I are renovating our front yard!!  UGH it’s too hot to be doing that kind of work!

We are in full swing with another renovation… ScrapMatters newsletter is becoming a quarterly magazine!  I’m so excited to bring this baby to fruition. I’ve brought in 3 new contributors and our regulars have brainstormed new angles and articles.  Such a great resource this will be!  Be sure to sign up if you are not already a SM subscriber!  The first issue comes out Sept 1 (fingers crossed for no snags to the plan).

I’ve also been creative…

For Chrissy W

For Sahlin Studio

For Cindy Schneider

For Lauren Reid

For The Tattered Pear

and for Heather Hess