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It’s here and you are still on the right path! You’re likely arriving from Val’s blog

In case you picked up the Babypalooza blog hop here… HERE is the new kit creating such a stir! — “I’ll Love You Forever” by Sahlin Studio

I love the vintage baby patterns and elements, so original Krista Sahlin!  This was amazingly easy to use and create a bounty of diverse layouts. Below is the first page I created. Here I’m also using “Cindy’s Templates: Single #3 Five Things” *coming tomorrow* by Cindy Schneider at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  It is really a fun one!  The photo is of my DD back in the hospital 5/02 ❤

I have not forgotten what you are seeking… here is what I made for you.  Two word art clusters using “I’ll Love You Forever” by Sahlin Studio.

Link on image -or- here –

Your next stop is Becca –

If you get off track anywhere you can always find your way by checking out the Sahlin Studio blog too.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


I’m sorry for the late notice, but I had some computer issues the last couple of days…Krista Sahlin of Sahlin Studio has an amazing quickpage event going on right now with 25% off all her QP packs.  This is sure to help me with my holiday gifts!

Here is one of the brand new QP packs that has a few of my pages inside…I think “So Grateful” may be my all-time favorite kit, since I made 7 layouts with it!  The work is done for you here. Check it out while it too is on sale!

For making some super holiday gifts Cindy Schneider has teamed up with Dani Mogstad for some fab calendar and brag book template and QP packs… you can have your choice of templates or QPs.  Can’t decide?  Get both in the bundles!  Better yet, the calendars come as 8×11 complete pages, 8×11 with 2-pages to complete the month, and CD size!  Talk about variety!  There is also a month by month brag book.  Holy cow!  Images are linked to the whole collection… and these are available either bundled or separately!


Another huge CT happening is Leora Sanford’s upcoming 25 days of giveaways from Dec 1 until Christmas!  Amazing sponsors…

I also have a layout to show off… it got Finger Pointing on November 16th at the Gallery Standouts Blog ( for some reason wordpress is not allowing me to make any text links! UGH). The image is linked to my gallery for full credits – the template is Cindy Schneider’s and the kit is Erica Zane’s.  It is always such an honor to be recognized as something to see 🙂

My goodness, this may be the opportunity of the year!?! You know Kevin and Amanda of Fonts for Peas (Yes, the site with the most amazing and fabulous handwritten free fonts)? Well they are hosting a give away of Sahlin Studio’s ENTIRE store to one of their lucky readers… that is over $575 worth of amazing designs. You have got to check it out on their blog, but hurry!  Contest ends in just over 24 hrs (Tuesday Oct 5th at 8pm CST)… zoom on over to give yourself a chance!  Enter HERE!

Toward the end of last week I got a PM from one of my long time favorite designers, Leora Sanford, asking ME if I’d consider being on her CT!  She linked her store (as if I would not know her designs or that she sells at Little Dreamer Designs). HA!  I love that she asked me (I feel so flattered) AND I love that she is still so humble as to think I may not be interested!  OK maybe someone is overcommitted and can’t, but not interested? Please!

Then over the course of the weekend, the welcome e-mails began and I saw who else was on this new CT.  Whoa, I am really taken back by the amazing talent and familiar names included.  Check this out!


EEK! Unbelievable! Oh and don’t forget to check out her blog Dec 1…she is starting a daily giveaway and inspiration posting through Christmas.

Yes that is correct… I am bionic.  Well, sort of anyway, I got BOTH of my knees replaced this summer.  It has been a long haul with school aged kids and all, but we are nearly through with this journey.  Who would have thought at 39 years old, I would have been the proud owner of both a walker and a toilet riser! LOL.  Click on image to see credits…mostly JWD I believe.

Granny Chic

Granny Chic

Because of the time laid up, I decided to simplify a bit and hold fewer creative team positions at least for awhile.  Since my last post (I’m ashamed to say it was March) I was asked by Krista Sahlin (Sahlin Studio) to be on her team.  I could not have been happier since I had interviewed her as a featured member in the Sunday Spotlight when I was on the ScrapMatters CT way back when.  I was always attracted to her amazing LOs and then cheered her along in the ScrapMatters’ Design Star Contest.  Well, her name is also Krista, like mine…LOL.  She won a spot as a design apprentice in the contest…and the rest is history!

Here are a couple of LOs with her designs – Images are linked and in my credits there are links to the products. The first uses “Play” (a collab with DeCrow Designs) and the second is featuring her new template set “Tuck and Wave Templates Vol. 1” as well as various other kits of hers…including a collab with Britt-ish Designs called “Land of Fantasy”



On that note, I’m off to bed.

Oh one more thing…don’t forget to sign up for the ScrapMatters’ newsletter…our 1st anniversary edition is coming off the press very soon!  You don’t want to miss it!

My goodness! I can’t believe how long it has been…I stink at blogging.  Just wanted to post about Zakirah’s CT call… I am on her team and the designs are beautiful!!  Go apply if you are looking for a great position!

You can check out her designs at Scrap Orchard in her boutique.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome to your next stop on the “Abundantly Blessed” Blog Train!  If you happened upon this unknowingly, This is a train from some of Andilynn Designs CT – Andi’s Artists.  We used her new kit “Abundantly Blessed” to make everything from place cards to quickpages to help you celebrate Thanksgiving in style!  Here is the kit – image is linked to the product at ScrapMatters.


Here is my contribution – Candy Wrappers to customize your hard candy rolls (sized for Life Savers) or mini chocolate bars (sized for Hershey’s miniatures).  Just print these off – you can make a page to print by placing these into a new layout sized to you printable space for your printer.  Cut them out, wrap them around the candy, and secure with tape.


Get it here

Here is your next stop: 
Shari & Heidi [QP’s]

If you missed the beginning…
Andrea [Thanksgiving banner]
Melanie [place cards]

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to take some pictures too:)

Have you seen the exciting challenges going on over at ScrapMatters? They have super challenges with a great incentive program – you can earn full kits!  Here are a couple I’ve done recently. The first was for the Tuesday Template Challenge 11-11 and uses Erica Zane’s new kit…WOW what a kit! Click images for links to credits and products.


This next one is for the Roadmap to Scrap Challenge and uses a boatload of Britt-ish Designs products…let’s just say it is eclectic:)


On to the news…Zakirah (Matahati Designs) just asked me to be permanent on her CT!  She has some great kits coming soon, so I could not be more pleased!

Here are a couple more I did for her with my Guest spot this month



Tune in tomorrow for a fun blog train by the Andilynn Designs CT – Andi’s Artists…goodies you won’t want to miss!

I’ve been waiting for November for several months…Whoo Hoo it is here:)  I have a Guest CT spot this month with Zakirah of Matahati Designs.  I had the honor of working with her designs while she was at ScrapMatters just starting out as a new designer when I was on their store CT.  Well, she is now exclusively at Scrap Orchard and has continued to blossom her talents into a design star. 

Check out my first LO for her (click image to go to my gallery credits)


I just love the gorgeous textures she does…

On another note…go sign up for the ScrapMatters Newsletter!!! YOU DO NOT want to miss the designer collab this month!!! Yeowza! The sign up box is on the left side in the shop under News.  You’ll be very sorry if you don’t sign up!

Finally, GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you don’t vote for the right person LOL!

It’s official…we’re business owners! It is going well. The employees are fantastic and the previous owners are being so helpful in our training. Happy dance!!  B is on top of the world and bursting with energetic ideas to grow and promote.

I’m going in this morning, but coming home at lunch time.  I’m hoping to be able to participate in a SPEED SCRAP!  It has been too long:) Check it out!

Here are some recent LOs – Linked to the gallery for credits

This first one is for the template challenge on Andilynn Designs Blog

This next one is using some goodies I got at ScrapMatters – primarily from GG Digital Design, So Happy Together – love this kit!!

And the last one features a new kit by Chrissy W, Favorite Place Kit …yes a kit from the queen of templates!  How great is it too!?!  It’s also her template, LOL. 

See ya later…maybe at the Speed Scrap!

Krista (norton94)

Header Credits

Created with "Kindred Spirit" by Erica Zane and ScrapMuss of ScrapMatters - this was the November 2008 Free Kit in the ScrapMatters Newsletter