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This summer has been a whirlwind!  Right after school got out, AJ and I left for summer camp (me as the camp nurse).  Poor Sydney did not come since she had a cast on her arm still and it would have been a drag to miss out on so many activities.  It was fantastic, but I’ve never worked harder than those 2 weeks.  Literally I slept about 4 hrs a night for the first week!  Between getting organized, storms, sick/injured kiddos, did I say storms?…  When we got home I had just under two weeks to get them both ready for their Grandparent TOUR of California.  Sydney thankfully got her cast off before leaving!  Now they are hopping between grandparents and other friends/family in Cali until Aug 3, and my DH and I are renovating our front yard!!  UGH it’s too hot to be doing that kind of work!

We are in full swing with another renovation… ScrapMatters newsletter is becoming a quarterly magazine!  I’m so excited to bring this baby to fruition. I’ve brought in 3 new contributors and our regulars have brainstormed new angles and articles.  Such a great resource this will be!  Be sure to sign up if you are not already a SM subscriber!  The first issue comes out Sept 1 (fingers crossed for no snags to the plan).

I’ve also been creative…

For Chrissy W

For Sahlin Studio

For Cindy Schneider

For Lauren Reid

For The Tattered Pear

and for Heather Hess


I want to help spread the word about Lauren Reid’s Donate + Win Raffle.  Check it out here at Lauren’s blog post …she is raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America in honor of her 9-year-old son.  She is enticing everyone to donate by offering fab gifties in a raffle of both her own designs and those of other amazing designers. I love the digital community rallying behind her and donating products to make it a truly spectacular raffle!!

While I am here I’ll share that yesterday I got a GSO at the Finger Pointing Blog for this layout using “On My Honor” by Lauren Reid and Jacque Larsen at The Lily Pad. It is always such an honor to be noticed within this massive digital community – Thanks to Crystal Livesay my day was made!!  Image is linked for credits.

When I journal about a difficult subject, it forces me to think things through.  The process if often cathartic and helpful in dealing and sorting through my feelings.  Lauren Reid (one of the designers I’m creating for) is having a month-long series on her blog called “Therapy Scraps” which addresses this exact phenomenon.  Week 1 is up now, go check it out!

I’ve been busy scrapping lately, but not a lot I can show right now <grin>

I did this one for the February Girl vs. Scrap Challenge – click image for credits…It uses Cindy Schneider’s new Got Your Number Scallops…so fun!

Spring is breaking here… so nice!

I love General Mills – for their Box Tops program that gives back $1500 a year to my children’s school – and now for this promotion to give children in Africa laptops!  Talk about being able to make the world smaller and differences in education less.

For every 100 views they will donate a laptop over the next 2 weeks.  Please check it out!

Tomorrow is the day that Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs are hosting a fab new blog hop called Babypalooza… and I’m along the way.  Got a sweet giftie freebie coming your way if you come back in the morning!

So excited:)  Just got word that my layout was picked and highlighted on today’s Story Board at Log Your Memory.

Here is my layout – linked for credits.  I did it showing Cindy Schneider’s template set Cindy’s Layered Templates – Set #74 in use. Cindy’s templates always help me make layouts I’m pleased with…

After 6 winters…My List Reads:
1- It’s great to have kids big enough to help shovel!
2 – Sometimes trash barrels get buried
3 – If you don’t dig out your mailbox, you don’t get any mail
4 – School does not generally get cancelled for snow if you live in town. Ice however is another story!
5 – A 4” snow prediction could mean anywhere from none to 18” depending…
6 – Harder to shovel if you drive on it 1st
7- 50 degree days in October feel a lot colder than they do in March
8 – Don’t go buy groceries if they expect snow – the lines will be killer!
9 – 4-wheel drive is not a scam…
10 – Sometimes snow boots are really a necessity – even they look funny with what you have on!

Just wanted to pop in and make a few changes since this last week I’ve had some CT movement.  Krista of Sahlin Studio packed her bags and moved to The Lilypad.  Her designs are as gorgeous as usual.  As part of the BYOC (build your own collab) they have over there at TLP she made a color coordinated kit of Autumn Mixed Media and Autumn Word Art that is totally drool worthy!  Here is the page I made with it, using Rachel Young’s BYOC supplies that coordinate:) Isn’t that clever! Image linked for credits.

Leora Sanford happens to be a guest this month at TLP, so she too has a few BYOC products!  More of these yummy colors!! Her kit is called Sweet Pea and can be purchased as elements, papers, and alpha separately.  Here is the layout I did with this kit, again image linked for credits.

Now my last bit of news is that I’ve accepted a new CT position with Cindy Schneider at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  I’ve done some casual freelance work with Cindy’s designs for several months. I’ve enjoyed working with her and her designs so much that I jumped into the fun of being on her CT! Cindy is a magnificent layered template designer.  She has an amazing sense of flow on a page and her templates make it really easy to compose a page like a pro!  You can add as much or few of the embellishments as you like and personalize the style.  She has each layer pre-shadowed for quicker pages!  Here are a couple of my pages using her templates.  Images linked for credits.

Anyway…hopefully I will come post sooner than later…it’s just that I like to scrap so much!

My designers have been so busy being, well, creative!  Which means, I’ve been busy being creative too! Hee hee.  Spring break was kinda hectic, between kids home, dog sitting, working on the ScrapMatters Newsletter for April, and all this gorgeous product to work with!  I know, I know…I’m NOT complaining!!!  I am so lucky to get to work with all these pretties!

First off, Leora Sanford had this gorgeous collab with Emily Powers come out: An Umbrella Built for Two

Here’s my layout with it… image is linked for full credits.

Additionally, Krista of Sahlin Studio is guesting at The Lily Pad this month.  She has been rather prolific lately!  Here is a huge new collab she did with Valorie Wibbens of Spotted Dog Designs called Make a Wish.  (Don’t miss the freebie add-on at her blog).

OK, you’ve been patient long enough…  Here is what I was teasing you about grabbing!  The frame cluster I showed you in the last post using Andilynn Design’s new Fair are the Meadows kit is available as a download!  See the information about grabbing it here at ScrapMatters.

Happy Saturday!  We’ve been flirting with 50 degrees and FINALLY the grass is peeking through more than snow is covering!  Can’t wait!

The kids had their first day of Spring Break Friday, but my DD came home from school Thursday with 101 degree temp… diagnosis strep.  Now last night my DS says he thinks he has it. Oh joy.  At least they should be feeling better by Sunday!

I’ve been working with some new products that just released yesterday… both are filled with spring yumminess! Is that a word?

Andilynn Designs released a new kit called “Fair are the Meadows”

And Sahlin Studio just released a bunch of new products as part of her guest stay at The Lily Pad… check out her full bundle of spring supplies over there.

I just love them… To give you an idea, here are the elements.

Here is my page with the first bunch of releases… the whole color scheme is making it feel a little closer to spring!

Here is my page with the latest group of elements – including from her famous Snipettes series “Snipettes: Springtime”

I still have so much to scrap…not enough time in the day… However, this little gem of a collab is inspiring me to work on a much neglected project.

I’m not sure if you have seen it yet or not, but Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs have a MEGA collab right now called The Ultimate Round Trip Bundle (the bundle contains both Around the World and all the “Taste of…” kits, but you can purchase any individual “Taste of…” kit separately or all of them bundled as Taste of the World…so clever and flexible!).

This collab is genius and totally knocks my socks off… and I’m *finally* going to get my Israel trip scrapped! 

Here is my first 2 page LO from my June 2009 trip to Israel

Krista (norton94)

Header Credits

Created with "Kindred Spirit" by Erica Zane and ScrapMuss of ScrapMatters - this was the November 2008 Free Kit in the ScrapMatters Newsletter